Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Project--Red Pillows!

I recently had someone ask if I could make some pillows & bench cushion for them before Thanksgiving. I told them I thought I could and today they are finished. These pillows turned out so good. The bench cushion was done in a beautiful print with the red pillow fabric for the cording. Then the red pillows were done with the print cording. This gal has great taste and the fabric shows it!

For the cushion I used a product I'd not used before--NuFoam. It was very easy to work with. It comes in a couple of thicknesses, but I used the 2 inch for this project. The finished cushion came out about 1.5 inches which was good for this customer. For a thicker cushion, I think I'd probably layer it to get about half inch deeper than the finished depth.

She's coming to pick them up in a few minutes. Hope she likes them as much as I do! I'm hoping to get some time soon to post a few more of the recent projects, so check back to see them.

What sewing projects are you working on?

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