Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts--

"Praise ye the Lord.  O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good:  for His mercy endureth forever."  Psalm 106:1
Well, it's Dec.1 and the holiday season is here.  Yet, this year, I long to linger a bit in a season of thankfulness to the Lord.  It seems each year neighbors have their lights up earlier; stores have out Christmas displays sooner --and rather than seeming organized and prompt it seems to me that people are in a hurry to get past thanking anyone and let's 'get right on to the feasting and bring me the presents!'

Don't get me wrong--I love the bonding time of family feasts and I love giving presents.  While there's nothing I lack, I enjoy opening surprises as much as anyone.  But this year, I'm keenly aware of the enormity of my need to be grateful to a merciful, holy God because without Him, I would have no being; without His mercy, I would be in a most deplorable state.  I'm kind of a slow thinker sometimes, but it seems that rather than rushing Christmas, I'd like to move Thanksgiving to a place on the calendar that would give us more time to ponder God's goodness to us.  I know, it's a most unpractical idea--it will never happen but perhaps the shortness of the "thankful season" will cause me to extend it into the early days of next year.  I hope so.

Oh, LORD, help me to daily focus on your goodness to me.  Help me to see things, experiences and people that cross my path as from Your Hand trusting that You alone know exactly what I need.  Because of Christ,

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